Stay Calm Yoga's Services

If your new to yoga or have some experience, All are welcome.

As we move through our busy lives we forget to stop and take some time for ourselves. I offer Classical Yoga Classes, either one on one or group classes.

I will be offering workshops and Yoga and Meditation Retreats with dates to follow. Please see the retreat section on this site.

I can mentor you on your Yoga journey by guiding you along the way with yoga classes and meditation,. Helping you find your authentic self.

My intention for everyone who comes to my classes, retreats and workshops, is that you find calmness and flow in your busy lives.


I hope that you experience the joy in what yoga can bring you in your every day life.


My intention is also that you feel enlightened and I hope that what I can show you, that you yourself can just take a few moments a day and just breathe. I hope that you will join me on this journey, we call life. Yoga doesn’t end on the mat