Tonia is married to a wonderful man who supports her journey of yoga and is always encouraging her to always follow her dreams.


Tonia and her husband are from Ontario, Canada. Currently Residing in Olon, Ecuador. Tonia is a dog mom to a cute little pup named Ava, who's the light of her life.


Being given the opportunity to follow her dreams, Tonia stepped away from her career to do what she loves to do and became a Classical Yoga Teacher and Does Guided Meditational Classes. ​


Tonia has traveled to many Caribbean Islands, as well as across Canada and also through the United States. It's in the Caribbean where she loves rejuvenating her mind, body, and soul. It is where she has done some of her best meditation, and where she finds her authentic self.

In loving the Ocean and the beach Tonia and her husband set out to retire and are currently living near the Ocean in Ecuador. ​


Tonia has always loved to do yoga and is always trying to find time throughout the day to meditate, or go onto the mat and do Asana, or stop and journal some thoughts. ​


My favorite quote is this ~ When you love what you do, you will never work again, you will always do what you are passionate about.


Stay Calm And Breathe It Looks Good On You ~ Tonia Aldworth